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December 19, 2009
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The Reindeer Gang by Batsy-Fey The Reindeer Gang by Batsy-Fey
This took me forever to draw, and I know there are far too many eraser lines and flaws to it. But, well, the plain and simple truth is, I stink at drawing animals, okay? :shrug:

Ever since we were kids, my big Sis and I used to like to imagine: What if Santa's reindeer, not just Rudolph, but ALL of them, each had their own personalities, colors and individualities? We even came up with something resembling a story for all the Christmas characters to take place in. We thought it would make a great Pixar movie or something. Picture this:

In a timeless place called the North Pole, there lives a young reindeer named Rudolph. He's about 13, by his peoples's standards. But unfortunately, he happens to be one of those "late bloomers", and as a result, is a wee bit undergrown for his age. His voice is just barely beginning to break, his antlers have only just begun to come in, and some of his "baby spots" still linger. What's worse, is the abnormally large nose he has, which for some reason, is RED and GLOWS. Entering puberty is not easy for Rudolph, especially when he's, on top of everything else, something of a good boy, when the other young bucks around him think it's cooler to misbehave. So, Rudolph decides he's a misfit, and begins avoiding crowds. Until one day, he meets a gang of other reindeer misfits. There are eight of them, and each one is different. They welcome him into their gang happily. So, they go about, being outcasts together, until one Christmas season, I think something bad or other happens to Santa, and they have to sort of rejoin society in order to save him, because it turns out they each have special skills that they are the best at. It is for the amazing abilities that Santa is not only saved from danger, but he chooses each of the misfit reindeer to be his personal sled-pulling team that we know. And that's all just the bare jist of it. There's more to it but it's not developed enough that I feel comfortable about going into depth.^^; lol Anyway, let me tell you abut all of them.

Dasher: The biggest reindeer and the leader of the gang. He's a healthy, rich shade of brown, with the tallest, proudest antlers. Dasher may seem arrogant, and he is a little. But really he's a good guy and a good leader with his teammates best interests at heart.

Dancer: The oldest female, and the strongest of them all, believe it or not. She's a dark, dark brown, almost black. She acts as kind of the mother figure to the team, with her wisdom and kindness. Dancer loves to dance, hence her name, and wears bindings around her legs like a ballet dancer. She has a voice like an African-American motherly figure.

Prancer: My fave Reindeer. She's Dancer's daughter, and has peach-colored fur. She looks up to her mother, and takes after her love of dancing. Prancer is the most feminine of the gang, with tiny antlers, and her head decorated with pink bows and holly berries for earrings. Her personality is bubbly and girly and sweet. She's known for her light feet which can land so smoothly as to alight gently on a frozen pond.

Vixen: She is the flirty "femme fatale" of the bunch, and Dasher's girlfriend. Vixen lives up to her name in that she resembles a fox, with red fur, bushy cheeks and black legs. She is like a fox in every way. Crafty, clever, beautiful and like Prancer, light-footed. This comes in handy since she's a bit of a

Comet: Comet is the last of the does on the team. And easily the fastest. In fact, she acts like she's perpetually high on coffee! She's very energetic, athletic, quick, and playful. Her favorite pastime is running after falling stars hoping to catch them. She has golden-colored fur.

Cupid: The youngest of the males (before Rudolph arrives), and also the most effeminate, Cupid is quiet, shy and a romantic daydreamer. He's also the most sure-footed. He can easily nail anything that requires careful aim. He very likely has a crush on Prancer. Notice how his ears resemble feathered wings.

Donner: The oldest of the males. Donner is the most serious and disciplined. He's in charge of maintaining order in the group on Christmas Eve nights when cooperation is crucial. However, he really does have a good heart underneath it all, even if he can be "too serious" at times, and also sharp reflexes, useful for turning around telephone poles and skimming over trees. It's rumored that he and Dancer have feelings for each other.

Blitzen: Donner's younger brother however, is a whole different story. Blitzen is the mischievous, fun-loving goofball of the bunch. He loves to joke and be sarcastic. He has a personality like Peanut the puppet from the Jeff Dunham Show, if you will. He loves to run around and get into trouble. He can be annoying, but he means well and does right when it's important. His best friend and playmate is Comet, and they love to run and chase each other. Like his brother Donner, Blitzen is renowned for being very flexible and quick, making him good at twisting and turning through the air.

Happy Holidays to you all!:santa: :xmas: :rudolph:
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Someday who's the 10th reindeer for Christmas?
I always thought Vixen was the only female? Dasher's a stud though mwahaha..
Batsy-Fey Jun 21, 2013   General Artist
I guess it depends on who you ask.:) And yes, he is.:D
Abstract321 Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! This is lovely! And I love the description of it too1 (If it ever becomes a movie, I'd watch it! xD) I really like that you gave them each individual personalities and physical appearance. 9 times out of 10 all the reindeer (with the exception of Rudolph) look the same. Not there's anything horribly wrong with that, but I like variety!
Batsy-Fey Dec 21, 2012   General Artist
I agree. Thanks for noticing!:)
LittleSnowyOwl Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
..Prancer's a GIRL?! :faint:
Silverfang999 Dec 15, 2011  Student General Artist
I have a story like that about wolves, the family members can turn into dragons, and the big gang has to go through high school and collage, It goes into lots of depth... I like yours it SHOULD become a pixar movie!!
These are all very interesting.
This is very creative! I'm happy to come across someone who feels that not all the reindeer on Santa's sleigh team have to be male.

Since I grew up with the book "Noni: The Christmas Reindeer", I always figured that some of the reindeer just had to be female. When I learned that a female fox was called a "vixen", I decided that the first four must be female. I never put as much thought into it as you have, though. Maybe one of these days I'll get back into drawing (I'm not particularly gifted, but drawing is fun!) and piece my own little biography together. :)
TaionaFan369 Jan 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
too right on pixar idea
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